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Something exciting is about to be Unwrapped!

I just got word that the blog will be put into a holding pattern Tuesday evening.  




So that the all new blog can be put up in its place!  I'm so thrilled that this is finally happening.  This is a project that has been several months in the works.  It is so thrilling to think that by early next week you will have a whole new blog experience to enjoy from m three studio!

Stay tuned and be patient when the holding pattern goes into effect.  I promise the wait will be worth it!



Miscellaneous Monday

The Tom Petty concert at summerfest was awesome.  I just love him live, there isn't anything else like it. Equally entertaining was the couple dancing next to our friend Holly.  Seriously, the boyfriend in this scenario had a whole new, talented rhythm going on.  His hips, head and raised arm were on three different beat patterns - none of which were in sync with the music.  It was like watching a train wreck - you couldn't look away. 
Being at Summerfest reminds me what excellent people watching we have in Milwaukee at the festivals.  Just for the record:  Cowboy boots do not a cowboy or girl make, shirts should be mandatory after a certain age, you don't magically get younger by wearing your daughter's clothes, Shark teeth are not an "in" fashion accessory, and I'm pretty sure the inverted bob haircut has officially jumped the shark. 
The tornadoes/tornadic weather that blew thru our area left us unscathed.  We lost 1/3 of a tree, and our basketball hoop missed hitting my car by three inches - so all in all, very lucky.  I think Ringo shaved a year off his life quivering in the basement with me though.  Thoughts, prayers and well-wishes go out to those in the Eagle area, who were not so lucky. 
Jazz in the Park for Father's Day last week was fantastic.  I have a great family, one that I enjoy the company of immensely.  We were smarter this year in choosing a spot towards the back so we could still hear each other and the music.  We brought card games to amuse those of us who are too fidgety to just sit and listen.  And we ordered takeout from Louise's - and did you know that they bring it right out to you in the park?  Totally awesome.  I have a mental picture that pretty much sums it up though; my dad, holding his grandson, enjoying the music and basking in the great weather with a sweet smile across his face.
I stopped by Jeff & Emily's house last night to drop off a few prints and canvases they ordered. (they got a giant one of their ring shot and it looks awesome!)  I love that I am friends with former clients to the point of a simple drop-off turning into endless conversation.  One hot topic of that conversation was Emily loosing her job.  The Milwaukee school district laid-off every teacher with three years or less experience last week, including Emily.  Seriously.  For those non-Milwaukeeans, this district is struggling mightily.  It has a very bad rap, for some very good reasons, and the last thing it needs is fewer teachers.  Especially fewer new teachers - they are the ones who are hungry, active, learning and trying new things.  The whole situation is so sad. Emily loved her job - in a district most teachers avoid like the plague.  I wish Emily the best in her job search - but I know 300+ others just like her are looking for new positions now, in a market that already had all too few positions to go around.  Sad.
Our nephew, Baby Ethan is doing great!  Thank you for all the congrats.  I can't wait to parade him around at the 4th of July party this weekend (if I can get him away from everyone else that is!).  And we are taking his newborn pictures this week - should be fun!
One of the highlights of this week to come is that my pals Britany and Scott are coming up to Wisconsin for a visit and bringing Baby Jude.  I can't wait to see them!
Even better than the Fourth of July bringing sanity back to our house with the end of Hubby's 100+ hour work weeks (that is no exaggeration people), is the fact that on July 5th Wisconsin goes SMOKE FREE!  I am so thrilled about this - I can't even describe it.  I detest smoking on so many levels and the fact that in a week we will be able to go out to the bar and not come home smelling like smoke is so awesome.  And you know, the health benefits too. 
I have so much to catch up on in the next week or so with work.  A mountain-load of editing as I've fallen a bit behind, and several other items.  I can't believe July is already here!
This one is for all the photographers out there.  My pals, Dale and Meredith of Benfield Photography are getting married next year in Florence, Italy.  What is better is that they have the incomparable Becker shooting their wedding, the lovely Summer from Grey Likes Weddings styling it all, and they are offering the whole experience up as a real wedding workshop to a lucky few.  I believe there are only three spots left - so scoot on over to their website and sign up!
Have a great week and a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Leslie & Tommy | Engagement

The fire crackled next to them.  He looked out the window at the snowy resort grounds and a small shiver went down his spine.  "Take that!" she said, slapping down two cards on the table.  He studied his hand, contemplating his options.  He had only one good card, and he really wanted to save it for a little later.  "I've got nothing" he sighed.  She giggled impishly.  "I win!" she declared and threw her hands up.  "Do you want to go again?" she asked, shuffling the cards on the table, eager to beat him again.  "Sure, let me go get a drink first though." and he went into the kitchen.  He came back with two glasses and set one next to her.  "Who would have thought we could have so much fun just playing cards on a vacation?" she wondered aloud.  The sound of the cards being shuffled and dealt suddenly seemed so loud to him.  He took a deep breath and shook his head a bit.  "I think we could make it more fun" he offered.  She looked up at him.  "Leslie, will you marry me?" he blurted out, dropping to one knee in front of her.  Her eyes changed and fixed on his and he saw a smile slowly spread across her space, starting with those eyes.  "Yes!" she cried aloud. 

We had more than a little fun with the cards from Leslie and Tommy's engagement story at their shoot.  It took several attempts to get the shots below, but it was so worth it.  These two were so much fun, I can't wait for their wedding this weekend - I know they are going to totally rock it.